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Call #1: How to create a professional look for your notary public business, for repeat business.

Call #2: Marketing Blizzard (online and offline) to create more business than you can handle.

Call #3: Tips and Tricks for a smooth signing from the time you get the call, to the time you’ve gotten paid.


Bonus 1: Time Management:–  Work more efficiently Easy to follow steps you can implement and follow on a daily basis. [available soon]

Bonus 2: Energy Blocks – Obstacles that prevent you from accessing your highest level of energy.

Anything you AREN’T achieving is due to either one, or a combination of these five blocks.


The big 5 Energy Blocks are:

  1. Outer Blocks (External blocks), things outside of you and out of your control. -Example: poor economic conditions…
  2. Limiting Beliefs – What internal belief is holding you back from achieving something specific? -Example: I don’t have the knowledge…
  3. Assumptions – Because something happened in the past, it’s going to happen again…
  4. Interpretations – Breaking the barrier of false interpretations
  5. YOUR inner critic – Overcoming the “I am NOT good enough” syndrome.

This will be an overview of all of the five Energy Blocks. Each block in itself could actually be one session in itself….

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