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Topics include:

Recording #1: Set yourself apart from your competition and create a professional look for your notary public business, to ensure repeat business.

Recording #2: Marketing Blizzard (online and offline) to create more business than you can handle (these proven methods work, WHEN you apply them).

Recording #3: Tips and Tricks for a smooth signing from the time you get the call, to the time you have gotten paid.
You (the Notary) is the last line of defense and time is normally of the essence. By being proactive, you can identify and
address potential problems BEFORE it’s to late and safe yourself and everyone involved time and money.


A one time investment, that you can listen to over and over. You can even apply these methods to other businesses that you may be working in and just one of these strategies can pay for your investment 100’s of times over, over the course of your career….


By taking action today, you will be granted access to the following 2 additional bonus sessions.

Bonus 1: Time Management:–  Work more efficiently Easy to follow steps you can implement and follow on a daily basis.

Bonus 2: Energy Blocks – Barriers between you  and YOUR success, AND how to overcome them.


 Anything you AREN’T achieving is due to either one, or a combination of these five blocks.


The big 5 Energy Blocks are:

  1. Outer Blocks (External blocks), things outside of you and out of your control. -Example: poor economic conditions…
  2. Limiting Beliefs – What internal belief is holding you back from achieving something specific? -Example: I don’t have the knowledge…
  3. Assumptions – Because something happened in the past, it’s going to happen again…
  4. Interpretations – Breaking the barrier of false interpretations
  5. YOUR inner critic – Overcoming the “I am NOT good enough” syndrome.

This will be an overview of all of the five Energy Blocks. Each block in itself could actually be one session in itself….

That’s right, 5 recordings for the low investment of ONLY $49.95 (a $197 value), and the ability to listen to them repeatedly.

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Create your life…, instead of having your life create you: (another special) 


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About the speaker

Hartmut Eggert is the Founder and President of All States Notary, Inc. – a nationwide Signing Service that is specializing in Loan Document signings and Real Estate transactions. Along with his staff, he has trained notaries and guided them through their assignments.

First commissioned as a Notary Public in California in 2003, Hartmut Eggert has personally performed nearly 5,000 signings himself and overseen more than 20,000 signings, which were coordinated by the Nationwide Signing Service he started in 2006.

In the past, he also held a California Real Estate Broker’s license, being first licensed as a Sales Agent in 1994. Prior to becoming a Notary Public, he was also actively involved in originating loans.

In addition to being an active Notary Public and running a Signing Service, he is also working as a Business and Personal Coach, working primarily with smaller sized businesses and entrepreneurs. He’s helped people create instant life changing breakthrough experiences, in less than 30 minutes of coaching.

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