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What’s included :

  • Unlimited access to 5+ hours of home study videos (see below)
  • Handouts for a step by step Plan to build your business
  • Additional strategy session
  • Get on OUR list of Notaries to be called FIRST


Recording #1: Set yourself apart from your competition

  • Business Setup
    • Background Check
    • Insurance requirements
    • Picking the right office equipment
  • Working with Escrow Companies & Signing Services
    • Professional attitude
    • Pricing
    • Establishing a good working relationship


Recording #2: Marketing Blizzard (online and offline)

  • 20+ ways to market your business offline
  • NEW places to network at
  • Advertise your business in 100’s of search engines and directories online
  • Locating and registering with Signing Services all over the country
  • OTHER businesses you can market your service to
  • ONE other service you can offer that provides a HUGE profit margin
  • How to locate companies (Escrow, Attorneys, etc.) right in your neighborhood,
    zip code, city or county


Recording #3: Tips for a smooth signing from the time you get the call,

to the time you have gotten paid

  • Getting the call
  • Information you should ask for
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Keeping Escrow or Signing Service informed
  • Receiving the loan docs
  • Quick review of the doc package
  • Red Flags
  • Questions you SHOULD ask the borrower prior to printing
  • Questions you MAY want to ask Escrow/Signing Service prior to printing
  • Printing Docs properly
  • Reviewing specific lenders/escrow instructions
  • What to do when you get to the location
  • Do’s and Don’ts during the signing
  • How to handle borrower’s questions
  • Returning the docs to the proper recipient (Escrow, etc.)
  • Follow up (contact after getting paid)


Bonus Recording #1: Time Management – Getting More Done in Less Time


Bonus Recording #2: Energy Blocks (Roadblocks to Success) – What beliefs about yourself and your business are getting in your way, and how to overcome them


Bonus Recording #3: Visioning & Goal Setting – Projecting Your Tomorrow, and Heading Toward it Today

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Here is what others said about the home learning course:

Hartmut this was an excellent webinar. Thank you very much – A.s.
Thank you so much, Hartmut! I love working with you and it was a great webinar! – C.P.
Hi, my name is (…) and I am in Highland, Indiana and would like to thank you for this webinar! – R.C.


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