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Have you ever asked yourself why some notaries are staying busy, regardless of the economy, while others have a fluctuating business?

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About the speaker

Hartmut Eggert is the Founder and President of All States Notary, Inc. – a nationwide Signing Service that is specializing in Loan Document signings and Real Estate transactions. Along with his staff, he has trained notaries and guided them through their assignments.

First commissioned as a Notary Public in California in 2003, Hartmut Eggert has personally performed over 5,000 loan document signings personally, and overseen more than 20,000 signings, which were coordinated by the Nationwide Signing Service he started in 2006.

In the past, he also held a California Real Estate Broker’s license, being first licensed as a Sales Agent in 1994. Prior to becoming a Notary Public, he was also actively involved in originating loans.

In addition to being an active Notary Public and running a Signing Service, he is also working as a Business Consultant and Personal Coach, working primarily with smaller sized businesses and entrepreneurs. He’s passionate about helping others and has helped people create instant life changing breakthrough experiences, in less than 30 minutes of coaching.

Hartmut Eggert holds a USCG (United States Coast Guard) Master License (commonly referred to as “Captain’s License”), and is giving back to the community through his involvement in a local non profit organization, teaching leadership and success skills to “at risk” and underprivileged children through the art of sailing and seamanship.




Hartmut Eggert

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